We started manufacturing our quilted linen leaves in 2013, just when VIVIDGREY was born. They are our signature pieces as they capture our brand values beautifully, combining poetic shapes with understated colours and crafted quality. Since our beginnings we stayed true to our spirit, manufacturing every piece individually by hand in our own workshop in Vienna. The originality of the design and the unique item quality got us featured in the prestigious Diamond Jubilee Showcase of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club.

rrec-logo1 copy 250.png

Our two leaf shapes – the longer Silverbell and the round Water Lily – come in a series of subtle colours which all mix perfectly. Both leaves work great as individual focal point or in clusters, as rug on the floor as well as a quilt on a sofa or bed. They are manufactured of pure organic linen, dyed in our workshop, and quilted with a high quality wadding chosen for its Öko Tex Standard 100 certification. Each leaf we craft is truly unique as we do not apply a strict quilting pattern. Rather than that, we use our sewing machines as sketching tool. As a final step we apply hand-printed logo details and care instructions onto each piece.  Both sides are the same and can be used facing up which makes them perfect for day-to-day life.