The items of this collection – such as the treasured first cuddly blanket, the hand-embroidered bedlinen or our individually crafted leaf quilts – all cherish the precious early years in a child's development. By using only the best of materials, hand-dyed organic linen or ever so soft bamboo jersey, and crafting them by hand in our own atelier, we create true heirloom pieces that will be loved for generations.

Combining our heart-embroidered bedlinen with the softest of all quilts – the Line Quilt – creates the most comfortable baby bed. The textile layers of the Small Slumber Shade illuminate a room gently, setting the tone for a restful night. Our leaf-shaped quilt is the perfect playmat that has many other uses as a child grows. It can be a special seat pad, looks lovely on any bed or it can simply be the comforting quilt for the first sleepover. All pieces of our Newborn Collection are created with the utmost care to be used for a long time and to hold precious childhood memories.